Product Information

New Barco Products

Barco is proud to announce three new exciting models in their portfolio of high-end residential projectors. Hodr, Hodr Cinemascope and Njord Cinemascope are designed to deliver unparalleled immersive experiences to larger luxury Private Cinemas and Media Rooms around the globe.

At the heart of these beautiful statement pieces is Texas Instruments’ Academy Award winning 3-chip DLP technology which assures a completely natural and ultra-stable image over the lifetime of the unit. Clients will be enamored by Barco’s world-renowned color accuracy, a key characteristic that was honed over Barco’s many years of global market leadership in Digital Cinema. A laser lifetime of 20,000 hours ensures countless moments to share with their loved ones for your clients.

Custom Install that goes beyond your imagination

All three models are based on the award-winning Njord platform, delivering stunning image quality and Barco’s signature architectural integration flexibility with 9 lens options (including three Ultra-short throw) as well as our unique built-in warping and blending engine, all in a compact and lightweight package for projectors this powerful. The IoT Award-winning Pulse Platform and Prospector intuitive Projector Interface further enhance installation flexibility and ease-of-integration, while features like DynaBlack and DCI/P3 colour gamut deliver perfect cinematic colors and class-leading image quality. All these models feature Barco’s patented and highly acclaimed analog color convergence mechanism.


By allowing the green and red DMD devices to be manually adjusted, 100% perfect convergence can be achieved, outperforming any other three chip or panel projector available in the market space. All four models also include our proven RealColor Management system.  This technology offers owners a simplified set-up procedure to finetune the image quality of their projectors by integrating an “easy-to-use” Video Calibration tool and is available in all the Pulse based products.

Njord Cinemascope

Njord Cinemascope is the new Pulse flagship 3-chip DLP® Cinemascope projector. It offers class-leading brightness of up to 9,000 lumens. Closely related to Njord, the light source and part of the optical engine have been redesigned and optimized for a high-capacity 2.37:1 cinemascope image. This exceptional design allows cinemascope content to be shown without requiring an anamorphic lens, and makes for an immersive experience you need to see to believe!


Hodr is Njord’s little brother and delivers up to 7,500 lumens. Designed to light up medium to large screens with an unbelievably detailed image with spectacular color fidelity, it delivers an experience that will delight even the most discerning clients.

Hodr Cinemascope

Hodr Cinemascope brings 3-chip DLP® Cinemascope performance to a new category. It delivers 5,600 lumens and inherits all of Hodr’s features adding Cinemascope with a high-capacity 2.37:1 aspect DLP engine.