New Hegel H95

Intelligence is Change

Over the years Hegel‘s multi-award-winning products have won listeners’ hearts with their incredible performance and value. Together with cool minimalistic design and amazing compatibility, the H95 amplifier carries that legacy with it – all in an eminently affordable package.

The measure of INTELLIGENCE is the ability to CHANGE.

Albert Einstein

With the H95, Hegel believes they have done this statement justice. The H95 is indeed an intelligent purchase. It is not just an amplifier, but also a complete streaming solution. But what is intelligent today is not necessarily intelligent tomorrow. That means products need to be able to change with time. Therefore, the H95’s built-in software is upgradeable over the air, ensuring that improved functionalities and new features are delivered directly to your amplifier, with no hassle, and cost-free.

Hegel’s entry-level amplifier has just got quite a lot better. Of course, the new H95 is not a universal panacea – the answer to everyone’s problems – yet it still gets an awful lot very right at its price. The lovely build quality and ergonomics of its pricier siblings come as standard, alongside the benefits of wide connectivity and decent speaker driving ability. Most importantly though, across all inputs, it is genuinely pleasing to listen to – which for me is what really counts in large amounts. (UK)

Sound Engine Technology

While connectivity and upgradability are important, it is on the inside where the H95 really showcases its intelligence. Hegel’s patented SoundEngine2 technology reduces signal distortion to levels almost immeasurable and makes certain you totally immerse yourself in your music or your movies.