Integra & Domotz Integration 6-part Video Series

Integrators go above and beyond to make their clients happy. Exceptional service is what sets the best apart. Integra further supports that vision by including the Referral-Ready tools integrators need.

Integra is pleased to announce that the latest AVRs are now fully integrated with Domotz Remote Monitoring & Management software.
With a Domotz subscription, integrators can quickly diagnose and resolve common issues remotely, without rolling a truck, resulting in faster response times to their clients’ needs.

Integra Custom Features include:
  • Automatic device discovery of Integra devices
  • Reboots
  • One button FW updates
  • Zone power status and control
  • A/V Signal Input and Output Info
  • Domotz Pro Manufacturer Support enables installers to share temporary access to their customer networks with Integra tech support for real-time troubleshooting