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High-Resolution Audio Pioneers | Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio Ltd was founded by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd. Prior to this, Bob Stuart studied at Imperial College, London, where his passion for music soon led him to specialize in audio design. Allen Boothroyd trained as a mechanical engineer, going on to study industrial design at the Royal College of Art.

Boothroyd and Stuart met in Cambridge, where they discovered shared interests and philosophies in audio equipment design. Their first collaboration was on the Lecson hi-fi system, a design so innovative that it’s now part of the permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

“The Lecson made the leap from something that was not merely acceptable as a piece of audio equipment, but was actually desirable as an objet d’art.”

Allen Boothroyd

Bob and Allen founded Meridian in 1977 based on their joint belief in good audio engineering, good acoustical engineering, and the value of psychoacoustics – the understanding of how human beings perceive sound and how we respond to it.

Since 1977, Meridian Audio has been crafting innovative, elegant, high-performance audio solutions. From their flagship DSP loudspeakers with integrated amplification, to their discreet and powerful range of in-wall loudspeakers, they deliver easy to install, high-resolution audio systems for home cinemas and whole-home solutions. The renowned Meridian experience is now available in a variety of environments thanks to their collaborative partnerships with industry leaders including; Jaguar Land Rover, LG Consumer Electronics, and British Airways, ultimately transforming the way people experience sound, wherever they may be.