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The passion, experience, and expertise of a market leader | Barco

From its early origins, building high-end radios – and, later, televisions – in those fantastic wooden cabinets that were genuine works of art, Barco became the world’s technology leader in ultra-high-end professional visualization applications – such as Digital Cinema, where over 40% of today’s cinema screens are equipped with Barco projectors.

Now, celebrating their unique 80-year pedigree, Barco Residential is a return to their origins: bringing the very pinnacle of their image and sound technologies to create unique experiences for their discerning customers to share with their loved ones in the privacy of their own homes.

Representing the highest levels of image and sound quality, innovation, and craftsmanship available in the world today, Barco Residential products are custom-designed and built-in Barco’s European Design Centers in Belgium and Norway. Together with an exclusive network of partners delivering tailor-made solutions, Barco Residential is irrevocably changing the high-end home-entertainment experience.