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Introducing the Torus Power AVR Elite Series

Check out the Torus Power AVR Elite featuring the all-new Torus Power Connect remote power management system! It’s much more than a power conditioner, it’s the ultimate power control system for high-performance audio-video systems.

Key Features
  • Remote power management and control via smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Installer dashboard for power control management of multiple installations
  • Real-time data for voltage, current, power draw, and more
  • Historical data logging and cloud storage for power data reporting and remote verification of power source issues
  • Remote outlet control and power sequencing capability
  • Custom report generation tool
  • Powerful 32-bit processor
  • Internal Flash Memory for 10,000 recorded events when offline
  • Voltage regulation at 120V + 4V (220-240V models + 8V)
  • New circuit board designs for high-resolution audio performance