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SurgeX CE Pro Leading Brand

The annual CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis results identify the most-used brands in 66 categories of equipment, along with the fastest -growing “bullet brands” among integrators.

SurgeX is the leading brand in a new category, “Energy Storage,” with a 27% market share (followed by sonnen 9%, RoseWater 7%, and Racepoint 5%).

“Energy storage is an emerging market that offers CE Pro 100 integrators a lot of potentials as homeowners seek cleaner power solutions and reliability to withstand outages or other disruptions from the grid. The category features a mix of purpose-built standalone and whole-house solutions.”

CE Pro June 2020 Magazine

SurgeX, a 2019 CE Pro bullet brand, continued its climb moving from third to second place with 36% of the market share in the “Power Conditioners” category (proceeded by SnapAV/ Wattbox 82% and followed by Panamax 29%, Furman 26%, and APC 19%).

Surge protection products, along with power conditioning products, are the unsung heroes of the electronics industry.

Robert Archer, Everything AV Pros Really Need to Know About Power Conditioning, Commercial Integrator

To learn more about the SurgeX suite of complete power protection and conditioning solutions, visit their website.


sonnen Celebrates 10 Years

sonnen started its humble beginnings with the sonnenBatterie, an innovation with low customer demand. The company is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of energy storage systems and has strategically transitioned to become a new kind of energy supplier that gives households access to a cleaner energy future.

Product Information

sonnen eco & ecoLinx


  • Safely and intelligently manage energy in your smart home, day and night, on your terms
  • Keep your home powered and protected during grid outages, cloudy days, peak periods, and beyond
  • Longest-lasting 15 year/ 15,000 cycle warranty


  • Integrate with solar and harvest clean, abundant energy by day to use when you need it
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency around the clock with safe, seamless backup power in an outage
  • 10 year/ 10,000 cycle warranty
Company Introductions Videos

Next Level Battery Technology | sonnen

Since 2010, sonnen has been innovating and engineering energy management products and services, starting in our German headquarters in the energy village of Wildpoldsried. In 2016, sonnen combined American ingenuity and German engineering to bring our products and services to homeowners in the U.S.A. Today, sonnen delivers one of the world’s safest, longest-lasting, and highest quality energy storage systems by using lithium iron phosphate batteries that reliably and safely power homes and protect home investments in renewable energy for the long run.