CEDIA Demo Room, powered by Torus

CEDIA’s new global headquarters feature state-of-the-art office space, a design and experience center, and a custom theater, powered by Torus Power toroidal isolation power transformer. Torus Power’s Kevin Main goes on a tour of the CEDIA headquarters home theater to see what makes it “the best demo theater in the world” according to some experts. Alongside KMB Communications’ CEO Katye McGregor Bennett, Kevin discusses what makes this space so special. Designed by Dennis Erskine of the Erskine Group, this theater is incredibly quiet at only 19 db. No detail was left to chance, with the Erskine Group meticulously treating the room with acoustics and following best practices for equipment placement. All the equipment is located in a separate temperature-controlled room, all powered by a Torus Power All-in-One unit that takes the 480 volts of the commercial space and steps it down to 120 volts to power the equipment, delivering clean, toroidally isolated power to all the room’s expensive and high-performance gear, including the Procella speakers and Barco projector. Torus Power offers custom units for any unique power situation like this. The result is a boost in performance you can see and hear.