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Win Prizes! B&W Summer Online Education Series

Every Tuesday for the next few weeks, Bowers & Wilkins will be launching a new training module around their CI products and installation techniques.

Modules are video-based, so no slides to scroll through, and they are less than 30 minutes long. After passing a quick quiz, you will be entered into a weekly drawing for some pretty amazing prizes! As the prizes get better each week, you will need to complete the prerequisites from the previous weeks to be entered. Have a busy week? Don’t worry, you can catch up!

If you are not already signed up for University, register here.

  • Log in to the University at
  • Search for the word SUMMER
  • Watch the course video and pass the quiz

June 30th – July 6th
CI 300, 600 & Marine Series

Drawing to win a PX7!

July 7th – July 13th
CI 700 Series
Prerequisite: CI 300, 600 & Marine Series

Drawing to win a Formation Flex!

July 14th – 20th
CI 800 Series Diamond
Prerequisites: CI 300, 600 & Marine Series and CI 700 Series

Drawing to win a pair of AM-1!

July 21st – 27th
System Calibration
Prerequisites: CI 300, 600 & Marine Series, CI 700 Series and CI 800 Series Diamond

Drawing to win a pair of Formation Duo!

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