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B&W Makes CE Pro Top 100 List 5 Times

The annual CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis results identify the most-used brands in 66 categories of equipment, along with the fastest -growing “bullet brands” among integrators.

Bowers & Wilkins makes the list in five separate categories this year, twice as a bullet brand!

“Bullet brands [are] those we’ve [identified]
within the leaders for their year-over-year gains”

CE Pro Magazine June 2020

Fueled by the resurgence of home theater and the continued whole-house audio, it appears the “Floorstanding and Bookshelf Speaker” category is maturing. B&W is in the number two brand position as a bullet brand with 41% market share (proceeded by Sonos 47% and followed by Klipsch 36%, Sonance 36%, James Loudspeaker 33%, and Paradigm 28%).

In the “Subwoofers” category, B&W sits comfortably in the number 3 position as a bullet brand with 32% market share (proceed closely by Sonos 56% & James Loudspeaker 34% and followed by Origin Acoustics 31% and SnapAV/Episode 30%).

B&W comes in 4th on the list for the “Wireless Speakers” category with 13% market share, liekly boosted by the new Formation Suite.

The competition is heating up in the “In-Wall/In-Ceiling Loudspeakers” category. B&W comes in 5th with 35% market share ahead of Epidose, Klipsch, and Paradign. They are also close to eclipsing Triad at 36% and right on the heels of James Loudspeaker who sits at 39%. The category is led by Sonance at 58% and Origin Acoustics 41%.

The “Headphones” category is one of the biggest markets in consumer electronics. B&W is again comfortably in 3rd place with 22% market share (proceeded by Sennheiser 35% & Sony 34% and followed by Bose 20% & Klipsch 14%).